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We Sincerely and Faithfully put your donation in great Work. Your Donation can light up many lives. Moreover Our Different Programs are running based on donation i.e worldwide education , rehabilitation etc

TeamWork Campaigns

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1 : Education Programs

2 : Health And Care Programs

3 : Rehabilitation and Development Programs

4 : Emergency Relief Programs

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Car Donation Program

Your Vehicle donations made to Teamwork International are eligible to be claimed as a deduction for federal income tax purposes. Everyone's tax situation is different.All you need a proof of ownership to donate your care,truck,boat,motorcycle etc.

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logoThe TeamWork :

Teamwork international provides life, opportunity and hope to suffering people around the world through disaster response and development programs. Teamwork International is dedicated to simplify human suffering. Teamwork international is non-political and non-sectarian in its mission.

This TeamWork agenda is:

  • Education
  • Health And Care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Developement
  • Emergency Relief

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You can find whatever you're looking for on eBay – from baseball cards to new cars and more. When you do, shop for items that benefit us. You can get a great deal and support educating children & women at the same time! Shop now to support: Teamwork International compaigns. You can also support Teamwork when you sell on eBay.

Recent News

Japan's most powerful earthquake has struck the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami. Cars, ships and buildings were swept away by a wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude tremor, which struck about 400km north-east of Tokyo. A state of emergency has been declared at a nuclear power plant, where pressure has exceeded normal levels.

An earthquake of 7.4 magnitudes hit the country on Wednesday at 1:28am. The shocks of earthquake were also felt in India, Afghanistan and UAE. According to the US Geological Survey, the intensity of the quake was 7.3 and its epicenter was around 50 kilometres west of the town of Dalbandin, close to the border with Afghanistan.

A 7.0 earthquake struck the country of Haiti, leveling buildings, cutting off communications and leaving the world wondering about the state of this poor country. Witnesses said buildings were destroyed and many people injured. The lack of communications is hindering the ability to determine the full extent of damage and destruction.